Based in Geneva and London TRIBU is an Art and Fashion magazine with a mission of presenting a new kind of texts and photos, conceived and developed to perfection in an effort to better understand the issues pertaining to our time. A publication truly dedicated to a more balanced, satisfying, and meaningful approach to life.

As a social catalyst and a melting pot for dynamic forces from all across the globe, TRIBU will present a wide range of current topics, observing our period through a curious and original prism, determined to go beneath the surface of things and foster a public discussion on its pages.

Motivated by a desire of to tickle its readers’ minds with new ideas, TRIBU will approach current issues with a curious eye and an authentic, profound consideration of modern-day cultural conditions.

TRIBU will explore different environs and horizons, a discussion panel for ideas originating across borders, from diverse disciplines. Presenting essays, critiques, works of fiction; a kind of text and photography that creates a space to  reflect – uniquely, a creative process within an informative entertainment experience.

A truly independent magazine not afraid of mixing ideas and emotions, reactions and opinions; transcending the borders of cultural divisions,TRIBU – a fierce magazine, afraid of nothing at all!

Stephanie Jacobs
Stephanie Jacobs
Unable to type with boxing gloves on. Coffee fanatic. Typical zombie junkie. Pop culture fanatic. General reader. Twitter fan. Web evangelist.