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Here’s why you should get an insulated garage door

When renovating a house, the number of garage doors Melbourne homeowners replace isn’t really that high. It’s not something that you would normally think of when updating your house’s features. However, your garage door should be as secure as any other door in your house. If you want an affordable investment that has plenty of advantages, having an insulated garage door is something you should definitely consider.

Before jumping right into the idea, here are a few reasons why getting an insulated garage door is worth it:

Saves energy costs

Since the garage isn’t a space where you normally spend activities in, it is often constructed with less insulation. The gaps in sectional garage doors Melbourne houses have allow more air leakage. During the colder months, the gaps allow cold air to enter into the adjacent rooms. Thus, your heating system has to work double to keep your house warm. An insulated garage is more energy-efficient, since it keeps the room heated.

Creates less noise

Garage doors and commercial roller doors Melbourne homes have usually produce a noise during opening and closing. Older and lightweight garage doors are even noisier due to lack of lubrication. With insulated garage doors, the noise is usually reduced due to the padding used. It’s heavier, so it is less likely to make noises.

Is more durable

Unlike the traditional single-layer garage doors, insulated garage doors are often made of dual panels with solid-core insulation in the middle. This structure makes it more resistant to dents caused by cars or heavy objects. The garage doors Melbourne residents have aren’t usually insulated, so getting one for your garage will prevent repairs and replacements in the future. Take a look at ECO Garage Doors

Protects your car better

By keeping the temperature of the garage warmer, insulated garage doors help protect your car and other belongings better. Cold temperatures can shorten a car’s battery life, change the tyre air pressure, and mess with the spark plug. If your garage is insulated, you will prevent these problems from happening and keep your belongings at their optimum condition.

Makes the garage more functional

Turn your garage into a multi-purpose space instead of just being a parking area. Your old, drafty garage might not be an ideal place for your workshop or hobbies. However, a cosy garage with an insulated garage door will. You can turn it into a workshop, craft room, mini gym, or a man cave–the choice is yours.

Increases property value

If you’re planning on selling your house in the future, an insulated garage door adds value to it. Show prospective buyers that it’s energy-efficient, durable, protects their car better, and quieter. Once they see that it has plenty of benefits, you’ll most likely be able to sell it at a higher price.

Makes it automatic

As if all of those benefits aren’t enough, your garage door can still become more functional and efficient. In addition to getting an insulated car door, you can have automatic garage doors, too. Forget about the hassle of holding plenty of stuff and then having to open the garage door. With an insulated and automatic garage door, your life will be infinitely easier.

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