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BASIX certificates: Taking the confusion out of the equation

If you want to know more about BASIX certification services in NSW, visit http://www.basixcertificates.com.au/ to get an overview of what it’s all about and why the NSW government has launched this mechanism.




For more comprehensive information about BASIX certificates, read on.

What is BASIX?

The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) was introduced by the NSW government to deliver effective and equitable solutions to reduce water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions across the state. It is one of the strongest measures of sustainable planning that Australia has undertaken.

To check its efficacy, BASIX assessment is carried out. A tool is used to check if a building’s proposed design meets sustainability targets.

The outcome of BASIX, which is reduced water and energy consumption, will not only contribute to the sustainable future of a community but also provides homeowners with long-term financial savings.

When do you need a BASIX certificate?

As specified on the website http://www.basixcertificates.com.au/ new homes or any development application for alteration and addition with a construction value of $50,000 or more must be certified.

The same applies for construction of swimming pools and spas with a volume that is greater than 40kl. This requirement is needed for certain building classifications as well.

Commercial or industrial building works are exempted.

What types of buildings require a BASIX certificate?

Residential buildings classified by the National Construction Code (NCC) as:

Class 1 – Standalone single dwellings (detached), or one of a group of dwellings attached to other Class 1 buildings such as row houses, terrace houses, or townhouses.

Class 2 – Multi-unit apartment buildings with space considered as sole occupancy unit or has a common area.

Class 4 part of a building – Residence or dwelling that is built within a non-residential building. A good example is a storage facility that has accommodation for the caretaker.

When can you get a BASIX certificate?

You can get the certificate after a sustainability assessment is completed. The assessment is usually carried out by a building professional using the online BASIX assessment tool.

You must provide floor plans of your existing home and of the proposed extensions. These will be used to determine if a proposed development is in compliance with the latest standards.

The BASIX tool looks into the following:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Type of hot water system
  • Type of insulation used and more

It will also check if the project meets the targets for heating and cooling loads and energy and water use.

What happens if a proposed development does not meet standards?

Recommendations are made on how to ensure a new home or addition becomes fully compliant.

What information will a BASIX certificate contain?

  • Summary of the commitments made to meet energy, water, and thermal comfort requirements
  • Description of the proposed development
  • Confirmation that the proposed development meets the sustainability requirements of the government

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