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Advantages of Automated Vertical Carousel System

In both offices and factories the salaries of employees are increasing, so the businesses are trying to ensure that they do the maximum amount of work when they are at the workplace. Businesses are closely analyzing the time which employees are spending at the workplace, to improve their productivity. It is observed that in many businesses, employees are spending a lot of their time searching for, storing and retrieving records and materials. Hence businesses are interested in using the latest technology like vertical carousel for storing and retrieving records, materials and other supplies.



vertical storage carousel




Real estate is one of the major business expenses for all kinds of businesses, and many of the taxes which they pay are directly proportional to the space which they occupy. The cost of security and housekeeping is also related to the floor space. Hence businesses try to ensure that they use the minimum amount of space, and they make optimal use of the space available. The vertical storage carousel minimizes the amount of floor space a business with require, since it uses the vertical space available in the optimal manner. Instead of taking up space horizontally, the same space is available vertically.

Labor expenses

The population density in Australia is one of the lowest in the world, so manpower costs or labor expenses are a significant expense for a business. Hence many businesses in Australia are interested in a storage system which will reduce the manpower required for the business. Using an automated carousel Australia, the staff required for storing documents or material as well as retrieving the items will be greatly reduced. The carousel type system uses motors which will automatically place the items which are being stored, and also retrieve the items required.


vertical storage carousel


Less time

Compared to manual record keeping for stored material and documents, automated storage systems, store all the storage related information in databases which can be easily searched. So it is very easy and faster to find out where a particular document, raw material or component is stored, and the automated mechanized system, will also retrieve it faster. When materials or documents are being stored, it is also faster to find out where free space is available, and store the item quickly. This feature is very useful, when the warehouse, is nearly full and there is less space available.

Greater efficiency

For optimal functioning for a business it is important to keep an accurate inventory of the documents, raw materials and finished products available. Traditional vertical carousel storage systems make it difficult to keep proper records of all the items. The automated systems ensure that large amounts of data for the different items available are stored safely, updated regularly based on usage or sales and can be manually verified quickly. These automated computerized records ensure that the business can retrieve accurate information quickly, and make decisions accordingly to utilize the products and information available. This information will also help the purchase department to place orders for new raw material and other supplies based on the stock level of the products.

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